My son now 6, attended semi-private reading lessons when he was 4 years old.  He loved going to Mrs. Linnell's with a friend.  They loved the multi-sensory projects and moved ahead in basics of fluency and sight words.  Now in 1st grade, my son reads far above grade level and loves to read in his bed at night (to himself) reading now for comprehension (the story) and not worrying about sounding out words. With 24 kids in his 1st grade class
I have no worries about his literacy = priceless!

My daughter, also now 6, had private lessons with Mrs. Linnell when she was 5.  She has autism and needed the extra support as the kindergarten classroom did not offer quiet time to learn the 'rules' and master letter sounds. Mrs. Linnell offers a multi-sensory program; my daughter was able to access and be attentive to reading and had the basic skills to progress to first grade!  Without the private lessons, she might be in kindergarten again. My daughter finished every lesson. Mrs. Linnell offered positive reinforcers and sensory breaks. My daughter's love of reading is progressing and so is her fluency. 




Our son went to ABC once a week for one year and it was a fantastic experience for him. Not only did he run to class each week, he was also excited to share with us what he learned. Their ability to engage students by making the lessons fun kept him on task - and the lessons learned did wonders in preparing him for kindergarten.



My children had a wonderful enriching experience at ABC Reading Adventure. They went from preschool to kindergarten prepared and empowered with the skills to feel successful. It was a pleasure watching them discover letters and sounds. They loved their time there and even had fun with homework. This program is a terrific head start to academic life!
Amy is amazing! My daughter benefited so greatly from this program during her kindergarten year. She was prepared for first grade and is excelling in reading because of ABC Reading Adventure.